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About us
Over forty years ago, in 1977, a group of collectors founded the Associazione Collezionisti Piatti del Buon Ricordo with the intent to unite those who for 13 years had been travelling through Italy in search of Buon Ricordo plates.
Now as then, the Associazione wants to promote and share the passion for collecting Buon Ricordo plates as well as the culture of Italian cuisine and its traditions.
Becoming a member of the Associazione has many benefits: we provide comprehensive information on all plates and offer exclusive advantages that only Soci can enjoy. Above all, though, you will be able to share your passion with your fellow members.

number 544 April 2024
Il Piatto del Buon Ricordo News
Complete monthly news (12 pages) are sent only to the members of the Associazione.


45 years of Association
The Collectors' Association will celebrated the 45th anniversary of its foundation on Sunday 26 June 2022 in Noventa di Piave at the Trattoria Guaiane.
On the same occasion the Assembly was held to elect the new Board of Directors.
All participants was presented with a special dish to commemorate the election and the 45th anniversary of the birth of our Association.
Italia a Tavola 2023
This year there two convivial meetings were held for the nineteenth edition of 'Italia a Tavola': Saturday 30 September at the 'Trattoria Altavilla' in Bianzone (SO) and Sunday 1 October at the 'Ristorante Jim' of the Hotel Sassella in Grosio (SO) and the theme was 'Valtellina, a generous and refined Alpine land'.
We met again for other pleasant encounters among collector friends..
If you want to become a member of the Associazione Collezionisti Piatti del Buon Ricordo please contact us
Phone +39 380 7711853
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The Forum of our Associazione is now
active, as a meeting-place to exchange ideas, experiences and opinions between the members.
We talk about Buon Ricordo Plates, Buon Ricordo restaurants and obviously about good cuisine, tourism a much more.
Access to the Forum is restricted to members regularly enrolled to the Collectors Association.
(the Forum is in Italian)
Christmas Specials 2023
Keep the feasts dedicated to CHRISTMAS GREETINGS with the theme of the masks of the main Italian regions, which began in 2011 with Piedmont.
This year, in celebration of Christmas, a special plate was issued, that was considered 'The Most Beautiful Plate'.
From 25 November to 17 December, fourteen convivial meetings were held for a celebration that has become a tradition for all collectors.
Next social gatherings
A page dedicated to all special plates by Associazione Collezionisti issued for anniversaries, assemblies, elections or other events.
All dates and locations for future convivial meetings organized by our Association.
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