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With the help of our regional fiduciari we plan frequent social gatherings and touristic and gastronomic trips through the various Italian regions to visit the Buon Ricordo restaurants.
Special meetings and events are held for all Soci dedicated special occasions, anniversaries or on occation of the election of the Associazione's Consiglio Direttivo. On these occasions, collectors from all over Italy and even abroad come together and have the opportunity to take home a special plate designed for the event.


» The special plate, numbered edition, issued on occasion of the Associazione Collezionisti Piatti del Buon Ricordo's 40th anniversary at the "Cirdolo di Lettura e Conversazione" in Parma on March 5th, 2017.


» The special plate issued for the 2018 revision Statuto convivio at the restaurant "Al Cavallino Bianco" in Polesine Parmense (PR) on June 17th, 2018.

Ever since 1998, reunions are organized before Christmas to give the Soci of the Associazione Collezionisti the opportunity to exchange Season's Greetings.
For these encounters a specially designed plate is issued: the first motif that was chosen before the first event was the signs of the zodiac and had concluded in 2010.
Thereafter the new theme is dedicated to the regional masks with a continuity of twelve years.
Since 2004, we have yet another reason to spend time together: At each "Italia a tavola" event, hundreds of Soci gather to discover the most beautiful places in Italy together.
This journey is repeated every year in search of nature and cuisine – and of course completed with a special plate
Every year, the collectors fill in evaluation forms and vote for the Buon Ricordo restaurant that they liked best and that was the most hospitable and offered the best quality and presentation of the dishes.
In the year following the vote, this restaurant is then awarded the prize during a convivio.
For Soci only:
Download the
restaurant evalaution form (in Italian)
via E.Zacconi, 12 - 40127 Bologna - tel. 380 7711853