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With the help of our regional fiduciari we plan frequent social gatherings and touristic and gastronomic trips through the various Italian regions to visit the Buon Ricordo restaurants.
These meetings take place all year round, sometimes to present a new plate, at other times there are cooperations between restaurants to make it possible for members to experience the specialties of a particular region in a restaurant closer to home and thus obtain the plate from a restaurant that otherwise would be too far away.
Personalized plate
for Socio
At the end of the first year of membership, new Soci receive their personalized plate which acts like a member card you can add to your collection (of course, you also receive an actual card upon joining the Associazione).
These plates, as all Buon Ricordo plates, are manufactured by the Solimene manufacturers and show the Associazione's symbol as well as the full name of the Socio.
Buon Ricordo Vademecum
At the beginning of each year, all Soci receive the Buon Ricordo Vademecum that provides a list of all Soci and their addresses (listed by Italian province), all current restaurants as well as a list of all Buon Ricordo plates with a point value for those that are no longer in circulation.
This convenient guide has always been a very practical and useful reference for all Soci.
Il piatto del Buon Ricordo News
Every month, every Socio receives the free brochure
Il Piatto del Buon Ricordo News, where you will find all news of interest to the Soci, for example about restaurants and plates - in brief, everything you need to know about what happens in the Associazione, especially about the convivi organized by the fiduciari.
All Soci are invited to contribute to this monthly magazine.
Il Piatto del Buon Ricordo News
Value table
A commission of experts of the Associazione has developed a value table for the plates no longer in circulation in order to facilitate exchanges between the Soci.
These values serve only as an orientation, but they give an idea of a plate's value and are regularly used in negotiations for exchanges between Soci.
They are updated comprehensively each year by the commission, and at the beginning of the year, every Socio receives two lists (one in alphabetical order and one in descending order of value).
Exchanging plates
We also offer help in exchanging plates, and the secretary will mail requests and offers that are sent to the office in Bologna to all Soci.
In addition to the value table that all Soci receive without extra cost, there is another publication, referred to as Buonricordario, that comprises all Buon Ricordo plates and their respective values (regular, "Ventennali", "Giganti", "Vinitaly", "Touring", etc.) as well the different types or models known.
The Buonricordario is a complete reference for the discerning collector and can be ordered via our office. It is only available to collectors who are members of the Associazione and costs € 25 (excluding shipping).
Regular Socio, one year
€    90,00
Family member of Socio, one year
€    45,00
Regular Socio, three years
€  237,00
Family member of Socio, three years
€  120,00
Update Catalogue €    15,00

For practical reasons we recommend the following method of payment:
  • By transfer for "Associazione Collezionisti Piatti del Buon Ricordo" at "Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna – Ag. 2 Bologna"
    IBAN: IT77A0538702402000000763157
    This is the recommended method for security and speed.
As every year, upon receipt of payment, the office sends out the member card for the new year and a sticker to apply to your car's rear window.

For becoming a member
of the Associazione Collezionisti Piatti del Buon Ricordo
please contact us:
Phone +39 380 7711853
or by e-mail:

Download our
info sheet for new Soci (in Italian)

Gadget for Soci

€     11,00

Silver pin with fork symbol

€     21,00

New badge

€     10,00

General Catalogue
DVD - 2014 edition


€     20,00

Buonricordario 13th edition
February 2022


€     25,00

Shipping Italy

€     10,00

Shipping International

€     20,00





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